Beef Sales

The Carnahans have been selling ranch raised natural beef to friends and neighbors for years. The beef is processed, cut and packaged at government inspected packing houses and sold direct to the buyer. In the past, ranch raised natural beef was available only by those who were friends or neighbors of a rancher.

Most ranchers don’t sell direct to general public as it is not convenient or cost effective. It is a lot easier to sell a whole herd to a feedlot than deal with the public, one consumer at a time.

The Carnahans sell volume beef to feedlots, but will make a limited amount of ranch raised beef available direct to consumers. They eat only their own ranch raised natural beef!

Ranch Raised Natural Beef is 100% naturally aged beef. It contains
NO chemicals,

NO shelf life extending vitamin supplements,
NO hormones, steroids or antibiotics,
NO artificial additives,
NO byproduct feeds
and NO artificial processing!

It is however Nutritious, Lean, and Better Tasting.

Carnahan Ranch raised natural beef is sold in minimum orders of 100 pounds. They can supply larger orders on request, up to and including a whole beef. (Orders for a whole or half beef can be custom cut to your specifications.)

Orders will be priced on date of order, based on current market values. Payment due with order.

Meat is cut, wrapped and frozen at the packing house. Orders can be picked up at the Carnahan Ranch in Fort Laramie or arrangements can be made for pick up in other Wyoming cities.

For more information please call or email. We can discuss quantities and cuts of beef that you would like to purchase.