You may have bought a weekend special from your local supermarket or dashed to buy a few cuts because of a price cut.

There’s no argument. A bargain is good for the buyer. But do you know the following:

  • Where the money goes?
  • If your purchase benefits your local farmer and butcher?
  • If the meat has no growth hormones or antibiotics?

Buying beef from a local business has lots of benefits. Your money goes to the farmer and butcher directly. You also have information about the quality of the meat and its source. Here are five reasons why you should buy from a local business.

5 reasons why you should buy beef from a local business

  1. You know the source of the beef

Buying from a local butcher or farmer means you can have direct access to the source of the meat. You can find out from them how the cow was raised (e.g. grass-fed) and if growth hormones were used. You can also get information about the source farm and plan a visit to verify the information.

Also, seeing a local butcher cut the beef shows you the care he gives to the meat. Compare this to larger supermarkets where you do not see how the beef is transported and handled. There is greater transparency on meat sourcing and handling at the local butcher.


  1. You support the families and local economy

Buying from a supermarket chain only boosts the company at a national level. The funds do not trickle to your local farmer directly. By purchasing from your local butcher or farmer, you sow money into their businesses. You support their families and the local economy too.

  1. Better selection of meat

Visit your local business for the choicest selection of meat. You are more likely to find choice cuts from the local butcher than a national supermarket.

You can make requests for special meat or uncommon cuts from the local butcher. They will happily oblige and notify you when your order arrives. Also, they do not use lots of preservatives. This keeps the beef flavorful and fresh.

  1. Quality services

Your local business has better service than a large national supermarket. Local butchers greet you by name and tell you when the meat is fresh.

They freely share their knowledge and experience of meat handling and preparation. Besides, your local butcher cuts to order so that you get exactly what you want.

Good local businesses adhere to quality standards for proper storage and ethical marketing. They do not use gimmicks such as coating the beef with red dye to make it appealing.


  1. Value for money

You get value for money at a local business. You can buy cut-to-order fresh beef from your local than a pre-cut beef package that has been stored for days.

A good butcher buys the best quality meat and does not compromise on the cost. He knows how to select the best cow and cuts for his clients. He is also less likely to be influenced by sales tactics such as beef coloring used to lure unsuspecting customers. When the butcher buys quality beef, his/her customers access this high-quality meat.

Final thoughts on buying beef from a local business

Buying local is a great way to sustain your environment and sustain the local economy. You should buy beef from a local business if you want value for your money and the choicest selection. You are also assured of personalized service and confidence in the source of your beef.